Hair Transplant Aftercare

We are an Exclusive Provider of H2Ocean® Wound Care Products for Hair Transplant Patients!

About Us

Lee Millard

Founder of Vegas Hair Transplants

Hi, I'm Lee Millard. I am not only an adviser for hair transplant patients, I am also a patient myself. And, I want to tell you about these amazing H2Ocean products specifically engineered for hair transplant patients.

H2Ocean Enzymatic Nutrient products offer benefits to patients who’ve had all types of hair transplant procedures. H2Ocean products help decrease pain, inflammation and itching while promoting cell growth and a cooling/soothing effect.

H2Ocean Enzymatic Nutrient solutions are designed to work with your natural skin defenses and sooth skin irritations.

H2Ocean products promote healing and decrease redness, which will allow you to return to normal activities sooner after a hair transplant procedure.